About Me


Born in United Kingdom, been gaming since the age of 3. Played every console/handheld/retro device you can possibly think of. Back in 98-2006 was PC Gaming, gave up PC Gaming in 2006 to switch to consoles only eg ps3, ps4, xbox, wii etc. in 2021 March built a fresh New high spec pc to bounce back into PC Gaming on all genres. Realised PC gaming has changed a whole lot in a negative way. Why you ask? i miss the days of Xfire, Gamespy Arcade, Ventrilo, Teamspeak and genrally all about dedicated game servers hosting your own clan server. To this day no game on the markey appeals to the old school FPS genre except Battlebit Remastered.



I love to watch, attend all types of sport. Mainly football, Rugby, Formula one, Moto GP, Monster trucks and anything on 4 wheels really. I do love to play Football, Rugby and working out occasionally in the gym.
I like spending as much time with my Family as possible

What have i been up to?

urAnium Gaming!!

Since September 2022 i have teamed up with my good old gaming pal LinkFish from the Operation flashpoint days from 1998 and decided to bring back our old clan called urAnium Gaming! We are trying to build the oldschool vibe of the old era of just being more of a gaming clan. We play a lot of casual games, we have several game servers and in the process of building our new Website